Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2019.1

Published on 18 December 2018
New Features
1.The Area columns to the Chart element. 
2.The Title and Labels properties to the Chart element. 
3.New maps - South America, USA and Canada, North America. 
4.Visible states options for dashbboard toolbar buttons. 
5.The Open button is added to the dashboard. 
6.PreviewSettings for dashboards. 
7.The Group property for all dashboard elements. 
8.The Layout property for dashboard elements. 
9.The Text format for the columns of the Table element. 
10.The GlyphColor property for the Indicator element. 
11.Styles for Progress and Indicator elements. 
12.The SeriesColors property for the Progress element. 
13.Vienna is added to the map of Austria. 
14.Advanced DateTime formatting was added. 
15.Custom styles for dashboard elements. 
16.Styles for filter elements. 

Fixed Bugs
1.Improved export to Excel for the single Table element. 
2.A bug with filtering by the Buble chart element. 
3.A bug with Panel elements in the dashboards. 
4.The Short Value property for the Map elements. 
5.Export of items on the panel. 
6.Export of items with borders. 
7.Some improvements in the map of Germany. 
8.The error occured when parsing the map of Guyana. 
9.Dashboards wizards in the File Menu. 
10.Issues with the Maps heatmap. 
11.A bug with zooming the region map in the design time. 
12.Issues with the Chart tooltips.