In today's note, we will tell you about an important improvement of our products, which will be available, starting from version 2022.1. We are talking about a significant reduction of code size due to the JS scripts optimization.
The Optimization includes both packaged and regular files. First of all, let's deal with pack files: we've changed the archiver's algorithm from Deflate to Brotli here. The total amount of code reduction was about 20 percent.

In regular files where using a packer is impractical, the code was rewritten to reduce. We also optimized the minification procedure: in fact, we developed our methods for the minifier, which functions before using the UglifyJS compression tool. As a result, this tool receives an already minified code, which increases the efficiency of compression.
Code optimization results in a more rapid loading without increasing the time of running both in minified and pack-scripts versions. The code optimization affected Stimulsoft products, which use JavaScript – Reports.JS, Dashboards.JS, Reports.PHP, and Dashboards.PHP.