We have recently told you about new QR code customization features in reports that allow you to change its design. In this article, we’d like to remind you about another feature – embedding an image into a QR code.

What image can be embedded

Embedding an image into a QR code is a great opportunity to give it a unique look. For example, you can use your company's logo or logos of products. An image is supported in any format, for example, .png, .jpg, .svg. The maximum recommended size is 5MB.

How do I embed an image

To embed an image into a QR code, you should use the Image property in the Bar Code settings. You just need to select an image.

Change image size

To change image size, you should use the Image Multiple Factor property. If you specify 1 value, an image will be displayed at its original size. Decreasing this factor makes an image smaller, and increasing it makes it larger. However, you should remember that increasing a bitmap image can lead to a deterioration of its quality. Note

An image shouldn't cover more than 20% of the QR Code area, provided that the highest error correction level is used. Otherwise, data reading problems may occur.
Embedding an image into a QR-code

Error Correction Level

In cases of an incorrect reading, you can recover data by increasing the error correction level. There are four levels of error correction, from low to high. The correction level for a QR code can be defined by the Error Correction Level property of the same name. By default, the first (lowest) correction level is used.
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