We are constantly improving our products for web, providing all the necessary set of components to build reports. Today we will talk about the differences between the Flash designer

Flash designer
and HTML5 designer

HTML5 designer
Despite the similarities in terms of functionality, the designers of these reports have some differences. Flash and HTML5 report designers available in the following products – Reports Ultimate, Reports.Web, Reports.Java, Reports.PHP, Reports.Flex. However, the HTML5 report designer is also part of Stimulsoft Reports.JS.

It all starts with the system requirements for the design. The Flash report designer requires Adobe Flash Player version 11 and later. The HTML5 report designer requires only a web browser.

Integration of report designers in the project go the following way.

The Flash designer. Stimulsoft assemblies should be added to the project. Place the StiWebDesigner component on the project page and call the report designer.
The HTML5 designer. Stimulsoft assemblies should be added to the project. Place the StiMobileDesigner component on the project page and call the report designer.
Now let's talk about the design differences in functionality, interface and tools to create reports. Below is a comparison list.

Functionality HTML5 Flash
Support for Touch UI check  
Selecting UI Localization Only from code In designer
Data Source Wizard check  
Support for OData and REST Requests check  
Data Source Type Table, Stored procedure Table
Data Dictionary Preview check  
Retrieve Column check check
Retrieve Columns and Parameters check  
Retrieve Parameters check  
Allow Run Stored Proc check  
Using Variable as SQL Parameter check  
Data from Business Objects check Without ability to create new ones
Files from Which Data Can Be Exported XML, JSON, Excel, CSV, DBase XML, JSON, CSV, DBase
Report Wizards Standard, Master-Detail Standard, Master-Detail, Label Report
Copy Style Tool Present in the Home tab  
Horizontal and Vertical Primitives In the development phase  
Shape Component check check
Report Tree   check
Interaction Editor check  
New Chart Editor check  
New Cross-Tab Editor check  
Gauges In the development phase  
Report Checker   check
Animation in Preview check  

It is worth noting that the development of the HTML5 designer is not stopping and to the end of summer 2016 this designer will have full functionality. Aslo we recommend you watch video tutorials on working with the HTML5 designer.