Stimulsoft CloudEasy Teamwork with Reports and Dashboards

Stimulsoft Cloud
Stimulsoft Cloud is a service for creating and editing reports, storing them, viewing and deploying reports in your applications. Stimulsoft Cloud works in a web browser and does not require installation on your computer. Stimulsoft Cloud can use all members of your team. Register an account or use the account credentials you already have when registering the report designer or after purchasing Stimulsoft products.

Stimulsoft ServerFor your business applications

Stimulsoft Server
Stimulsoft Server is a complete Business Intelligence, client-server solution that provides reporting and analytics. The front end provides facility to visualize data. The back end provides data processing and storing. Stimulsoft Server can work as a standalone report server as well as an embeddable solution. The software provides all features appropriate for all reporting servers – creating and editing reports, storing them, scheduling and delivering them to the client.