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When you run Stimulsoft Reports.Server, the first menu displayed is the user authentication. Here you must specify the username and password of an account in order to get to the workspace.
Navigator is a client part of the server, with which actions are carried out on the server. See how it looks in Stimulsoft Reports.Server.
The video shows the step-by-step process of installing the product. See also how to install IIS.
When performing certain actions the user will receive a notification by email. See how to create a report template for emails.
You can add the report to the list of items. After clicking the icon Report on the tab Create the menu New Report Template will be opened. This video shows how to create a report item in the report server.
Data source is a structural representation of data that is used to generate reports. Each data source belongs to a particular type of connection and may vary depending on the type of data source parameters. Creating a data source can be done in several steps.
Except the root-administrator you can connect other user accounts to the workspace. This can be done on the tab Users in the server Navigator.
The Role is a category of users with specific rights and restrictions in the workspace. See how to create roles in Stimulsoft Reports.Server.
Creating a data source can be done in several steps. Selecting the type of connection. Defining the connection parameters, i.e. creating a connection.
The video describes a step-by-step process of creating a master-detail report. Here you will learn the basic principles of working with the report designer.