Reporting Tools

The Stimulsoft Reports product line includes tools for the full cycle of working with reports for various platforms: ASP.NET, .NET, JavaScript, Python, Java, Angular, Blazor, and many others. With the help of our videos, you can quickly understand the logic of the components and learn all the features associated with creating reports of any complexity.










Tools for creating dashboards

The Stimulsoft Dashboards product line offers embedded components for data visualization and analysis, enabling the creation of dashboards in applications on various platforms including .NET, .NET Core, PHP, WinForms, and others. We have picked up numerous videos to assist you in comprehending not only the structure and logic of the product line but also in independently designing data views, analyzing them, and integrating ready-made dashboards into your services or publishing them on websites.






Tools for creating online and PDF forms

Stimulsoft Forms are components designed for the interactive collection and processing of data from users. The product can be integrated into projects or applications, featuring a familiar interface and enabling the creation of multifunctional form templates for filling out.

PDF Forms

We regularly produce videos showcasing new functionality, describing new versions, demonstrating report designer usage, and much more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to ensure you do not miss any important updates.
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