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This video demonstrates how to use the cross-primitives in reports. Create a report, add primitives and cross-primitives, render the report.
Start and points of Cross-primitives can be placed on the different components. The video shows how this can be applied in the report.
Primitives can be located not only on a report page, but also on other components. This video is an example of using the primitives on the Data band.
Creating a report decorated with primitives. This video describes a simple example of using the primitive.
This video provides an example of using several pages in the report template. The video will be helpful for all who wants to know more about the report designer and using its features.
The report can be created without bands. This tutorial shows how to create such ones. It also may help to find some gaps in skills.
This video tutorial shows how to create an interactive list using an external report. The video will be useful for those who wants to know more about how the report designer works.
This video shows principles of creating interactive lists. Also in this video one can find something useful for work with the report designer.
This video shows the basics skills of working with the Empty data band. Put this band on the report page, set the system variable, apply a style, preview the report.
Use the Sub-report component when creating the Master-Detail lists. Place the Data band to the page of a report template with the master entries, put the Sub-report component on it, create the Detail list and preview the rendered report.