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This video demonstrates how to: 1 Create Master-Detail Report using Cross-Header, Cross-Data, Cross-Footer Bands; 2 Create Doughnut Charts; 3 Add Highlight Conditions.
The video shows how to add totals and Sum function in Report.
Report variables are used as parameters, which may be requested from the user. The report developer indicates in the data dictionary, which variables should be used as parameters to the report. It also indicates how these parameters needed to be requested in the report viewer. When the report runs, the parameters are requested in the report viewer and after their completion passed to the reports. The report generator uses them in selecting data, filtering, or for displaying in the report.
The report developer can link two variables in the report, making one of them dependent on the other.
This video demonstrates how to create a Master-Detail list using business objects. The lesson is a good may to improve skills in working with the report designer.
Add the Master band on the page, add the Detail band, stylize the data header, set a relation between data sources, place text components with expressions, preview the report.
The video demonstrates the principles of quick creating a Detail list, edit components and preview the report. The lesson is useful for those who wants to know more about designing reports.
This tutorial shows how, in a few steps, to create a Master-Detail list, using the Master-Detail wizard to generate reports. It only remains to choose parameters, the rest things the wizard makes itself.
Use the Sub-report component when creating the Master-Detail lists. Place the Data band to the page of a report template with the master entries, put the Sub-report component on it, create the Detail list and preview the rendered report.
The video shows how to create the Master-Detail list in a few steps. Also the video shows the basics of working with the report designer.