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This video demonstrates how to sort groups in report by condition and totals.
How to create report with groups and add collapsing.
This video demonstrates how to quickly and easily it is to create a report with grouping. Put the Data band on the page, add the GroupHeader band to indicate the grouping condition and displaying the group header and the GroupFooter band to display total by the group.
The second part of the video is focused on direct creation of the report template and applying parameters in the rendered report.
The first part of the video shows how to use parameters in the query to the data source, in this lesson, getting data from the OleDb data source.
Start and points of Cross-primitives can be placed on the different components. The video shows how this can be applied in the report.
Create a simple list, add the GroupHeader band, specify the condition, preview the report with groups. The tutorial shows the principles of working in the report designer.