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This video tutorial shows the various options that can be applied to duplicate texts. Select the text component, set the appropriate value to the Processing Duplicates property.
The video clearly demonstrates applyingthe Word Wrap and Grow To Height properties. The lesson is a good may to improve skills in working with the report designer.
The video tutorial shows how to create a calculated column on the basis of existing ones, as well as its use in the report.
This video tutorial demonstrates how to set conditional formatting without calling the conditions editor.
This video shows an example of using the Empty data band. The lesson is a very good source to find out some basics of the report designer.
This tutorial demonstrates how to use the sorting in the report. Open the report, call the editor of sorting, change parameters, apply it to the report.
This video demonstrates an example of applying filters to the data. Open the report, open the filters editor, specify the condition of filtering, apply to the report.
This video demonstrates how to set different styles for even and odd rows. Open a report in the style designer and create a style, apply it to the report.
Add the Cross-tab component on the report page, in the Cross-tab designer select the data source and data columns for rows, columns, cells and resulting cells of the cross-tab. Preview the report.
This video demonstrates how to quickly and easily it is to create a report with grouping. Put the Data band on the page, add the GroupHeader band to indicate the grouping condition and displaying the group header and the GroupFooter band to display total by the group.