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Very useful video that shows how to use a variable as SQL parameter. This new feature dramatically speeds up the process of working with data.
See how to retrieve data columns.
See how to retrieve data columns if using the temporary data table in a query.
See in this video how to retrieve parameters and dynamic data columns.
The calculated data column is calculated on the base of an expression that can be used by other data columns into an existing data source. see how to do this in the HTML5 report designer.
Another video tutorial on how to create a report with columns. Set the number of columns, their widths, the column gaps, preview the rendered report.
This tutorial shows how to change the number of columns on a page, and then create a report with multiple columns. The video also helps to find out more about how the report designer works.
Create a report with labels quickly and easily. This video provides an example of creating a report with labels using the Label wizard.
Columns in the report can be placed not only on the page. This tutorial shows columns dropped on the Data band.
This tutorial demonstrates how to create a report with columns. It clearly illustrates basic methods of working with the report designer.