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This video demonstration how to create style for heatmap and map with group.
This video demontration how to use map in report.
The video shows how to use the variable type of List in the report in Stimulsoft Reports.
The video shows how to export a report to Excel in Stimulsoft Reports.
Watermark is an inscription or an image that is placed under or over elements of a page. See how to do this in the HTML5 designer.
This video is a good way to work with the style designer, creating a collection of styles and its applying to reports.
This tutorial will show you how to insert a watermark to the report and use the image as a watermark.
The video shows the basics of how to preview a report as HTML file of as a PDF Document.
Report variables are used as parameters, which may be requested from the user. The report developer indicates in the data dictionary, which variables should be used as parameters to the report. It also indicates how these parameters needed to be requested in the report viewer. When the report runs, the parameters are requested in the report viewer and after their completion passed to the reports. The report generator uses them in selecting data, filtering, or for displaying in the report.
The report developer can link two variables in the report, making one of them dependent on the other.