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This video demonstrates how to retrieve data from the SQL source, create a report template, save it, open it in the web viewer, pass data from the data source, preview the report.
This video tutorial shows an example of using the unnamed parameters in the query to the data source. The video shows the basic ways of working with the report designer.
This video demonstrates an example of using named parameters in the query to the data source. The lesson is important to find out principles of working in the report designer.
The second part of the video is focused on direct creation of the report template and applying parameters in the rendered report.
The first part of the video shows how to use parameters in the query to the data source, in this lesson, getting data from the OleDb data source.
This example shows how in the simple list to filter the data using parameters in the SQL query to the database. Also the video shows how to pass parameters using URL.
To pass data from the MySQL data source in the report, create a MySQL connection, specify the connection string, create a data source and get a data column using the SQL query. Now the data source can be used in reports.