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Build a chart in a few steps. Drag the Chart component on the page of a report template, select the series type, specify the data source, change the required options, customize the style.
Columns in the report can be placed not only on the page. This tutorial shows columns dropped on the Data band.
This tutorial demonstrates how to create a report with columns. It clearly illustrates basic methods of working with the report designer.
Create a simple list, add the GroupHeader band, specify the condition, preview the report with groups. The tutorial shows the principles of working in the report designer.
The video shows how to create the Master-Detail list in a few steps. Also the video shows the basics of working with the report designer.
Step by step video instruction on how to create a report template as a simple list, render and preview the report. Also this video lesson shows the basics of working with the report designer.
Use QuickButtons to select the data source, relation, selecting all the components on the Data band, as well as for selecting expressions in text components.
This video tutorial demonstrates how to change the values ​​of the properties from the context menu, both for single and for multiple components simultaneously.
Edit selected components as a group. Selecte the required components and change parameters.
Copy the report component as many times as needed pressing the Control key. Select the component, hold down the Control key, drag components.