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This video demonstrates how to set different styles for even and odd rows. Open a report in the style designer and create a style, apply it to the report.
Add the Cross-tab component on the report page, in the Cross-tab designer select the data source and data columns for rows, columns, cells and resulting cells of the cross-tab. Preview the report.
This video demonstrates an example of conditional formatting but, to be more accurate, replacing an expression in the text one.
This video demonstrates how to use conditional formatting. Create a report in the designer, call the conditions editor, specify conditions and format, preview the report.
Create a report with labels quickly and easily. This video provides an example of creating a report with labels using the Label wizard.
This tutorial shows how, in a few steps, to create a Master-Detail list, using the Master-Detail wizard to generate reports. It only remains to choose parameters, the rest things the wizard makes itself.
The video demonstrates how to use the Standard wizard and, in a few steps, to create a simple list report. Some steps in this lesson are optional, but can be useful in applying a style, sorting or filtering.
The second part of the video lesson. This tutorial shows how to directly create the Highlight Condidtion in the report created in the first part of the video. Add another variable, specify the formatting condition.
The first part of the video demonstrates how to create a simple list with parameters. Put the Data band on the report page, add text components with expressions, add a variable to the report, change report settings.
This example shows creating and applying a variable of the List type. Creating a simple list, add a variable of the List type, specify a filtering expression, change filtering parameters in the rendered report.