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Drag an drop components from the Toolbox on the report page. Hover the cursor over the component, hold the left mouse button. Drag the component to the desired location on the page of the report. Release the button.
Edit selected components as a group. Selecte the required components and change parameters.
Copy the report component as many times as needed pressing the Control key. Select the component, hold down the Control key, drag components.
Create a simple list with variables. For this, in the report, add a variable from the data dictionary and edit the expression in the text component.
For creating a simple list, put the Data band on a report page, select the data source, add text components with reference to data columns. Click Preview to display the report.
To pass data from the MySQL data source in the report, create a MySQL connection, specify the connection string, create a data source and get a data column using the SQL query. Now the data source can be used in reports.
In this video one can watch loading a report template in the designer and ways of calling the report designer.
To pass data from the XML source to the report it is necessary to create an XML connection in the report designer with the paths to the data files, create a data source and obtain the data columns. Use the generated data source in the report.