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Videos help you learn how to design reports from the foundations of placing components on the report page to how to connect to databases. Our tutorials can help you learn the basics of working with report designers.
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This video demonstrates how to: 1 Create Folders; 2 Drag and Drop Items.
This video demonstrates how to: 1 Change First Name, Last Name, Picture. 2 Change Background and Forground. 3 Change Password.
Add the Cross-tab component on the report page, in the Cross-tab designer select the data source and data columns for rows, columns, cells and resulting cells of the cross-tab. Preview the report.
A cross table can be quickly created using the Cross-Tab wizard. Some steps are optional, but allow applying styling, sorting, and other settings.
The Cross-tab can be placed on the Data band. Also this video shows the approaches in working with the report designer.
Place the Cross-Tab component on a report page, specify the data for rows, columns, and summary cells. Increase the number of segments, if needed.
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