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Put StiViewerControl on a page, load the report, pass data from the data source, run the project. Loaded report can be saved, exported, printed, or simply previewed.
Any loaded report can be saved. This video demonstrates how to load the report, pass data from the data source, as well as to save the report to the required directory.
In this lesson shows an example of sending a report for printing. Load the report, pass the data from the source, subscribe to the Print event.
This video demonstrates an example of exporting the report to the Excel file. Also, in this video, one can find the basics of working with Visual Studio 2012.
This video shows how to display a report in WinRT. Run Visual Studio 2012, create a new project, add the required Stimulsoft assemblies. Put StiViewerControl on a report page, load the report, pass data, run the project. The report can be previewed, exported, and printed.