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This video demonstrates how to auto generate report's code
This video demonstrates how to: 1 Install Stimulsoft Reports.Net from NuGet, 2 The First Run of the Viewer with Report, 3 The First Run of the Designer with Report.
This video demonstrates how to: 1 Run WinForms Designer; 2 Run WinForms Viewer; 3 Activate WinForms Designer and Viewer.
This video shows a simple example of how to use custom functions in reports. It also will be useful for those who want to find out how the report designer works.
This video tutorial shows how to quickly call the report designer with a blank report. The lesson is a good way to understand the basics of working with Visual Studio.
Put a band on the page and drop a text component on it. Use hotkeys. Save the template, pass the data from the XML source to the report. View the report.
This video shows how to pass data from the XML data source to the report using DataSet.
This video demonstrates how to call the report designer and viewer from Visual Studio. Also is shows the basics of creating a simple report.