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This video shows the basics of creating a report in our Mobile Designer for MVC.
The video shows how to use our new report designer for mvc in projects. It starts from creating a new project, shows basics of working with Visual Studio, and ends with opening the Mobile Designer for MVC in the web browser.
Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC has an HTML5 viewer to display reports. The video shows how to connect it in your project using Visual Studio.
Business Object is a data type, which is a set of objects related to each other, using what it is possible to present data in various structures: tables, lists, arrays, etc. See how it works in Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC
Any report template can be saved. This example shows how to load a report template in StiMobileDesigner designer, edit and save it.
This example shows how to transfer data from the data source to the report, as well as an example of creating a simple list.
This video shows how to load the report and pass data from the data source. The lesson is a good may to improve skills in working with Visual Studio.
This video demonstrates how to call the Mobile Designer with a blank report. Place the StiMobileDesigner component on the web page, call the report designer, create reports.
When working with the StiMobileViewer component one can use the Cache Mode, which speeds up the report viewer. Place the StiMobileViewer component on the web page, enable the Cache Mode, preview the report.
Place the StiMobileViewer component on the web page. Load the report, pass the data from the data source, run the project. View reports in the Mobile viewer.