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An example of creating a report with bar charts. Add the Chart component in the report template series editor, specify the values ​​and arguments, change the values ​​of some properties.
This video demonstrates how to create a pie chart. Add the Chart component to the template, set some parameters, change the style, preview the report.
This video tutorial shows the basics of creating a report with the histogram. Place the Chart component on the report page, specify values ​​and arguments, preview the report.
The second part of the video. Demonstrates how to use the previously generated report as a detailing report. Also provides some approaches in working with the report designer and viewer.
The first part of the video. This tutorial shows how to create variables, render a chart, and then apply parameters to the rendered reports.
This video demonstrates how, using the Chart wizard to create a report with diagrams. Run the wizard, select the options and render a chart in a few clicks.
Place the Chart component on the Data band, create reports with Detail diagrams. Also in this video lesson one can find information about using the report designer.
Build a chart in a few steps. Drag the Chart component on the page of a report template, select the series type, specify the data source, change the required options, customize the style.