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The report developer can link two variables in the report, making one of them dependent on the other.
The Master-Detail report can be created using the Master-Detail Report report wizard. See how it works in HTML5.
This example demonstrates using columns and groups in the Master-Detail report to create the report template on a mobile device.
Create the Master-Detail report on a mobile device. Put Data bands on the page, use the wizard when placing components. Select data sources, define the relation, a text can be changed using the convenient menu of the report designer.
This video demonstrates how to create a Master-Detail list using business objects. The lesson is a good may to improve skills in working with the report designer.
Add the Master band on the page, add the Detail band, stylize the data header, set a relation between data sources, place text components with expressions, preview the report.
The video demonstrates the principles of quick creating a Detail list, edit components and preview the report. The lesson is useful for those who wants to know more about designing reports.
This tutorial shows how, in a few steps, to create a Master-Detail list, using the Master-Detail wizard to generate reports. It only remains to choose parameters, the rest things the wizard makes itself.
Use the Sub-report component when creating the Master-Detail lists. Place the Data band to the page of a report template with the master entries, put the Sub-report component on it, create the Detail list and preview the rendered report.
The video shows how to create the Master-Detail list in a few steps. Also the video shows the basics of working with the report designer.