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This video tutorial shows how to pass data from the SQL data source to the report using business objects. The video teaches how to create an example of a simple report and demonstrates basic approaches of working with Visual Studio.
Using DataSet is not the only way to send data from the data source. This tutorial demonstrates how to pass data using business objects, and then display the report with the StiWebViewerSL component.
Place the StiWebDesignerSL component on a web page, load the report template, pass data from the data source to the report. Edit the template and preview it. Also this video demonstrates how to set the required URL when exiting the designer.
This video demonstrates the process of saving reports to a local computer, and the possibility to save them on the server side.
For saving the report on the server side, put the StiWebDesigner component on the web form, add code in the SaveReport event to save a report. Run the project, change the report template, save changes.
Add the StiWebDesigner component on the web form to save a report to the local drive, add code to call the web designer. Run the project, create or edit a report template, save it to your computer using the menu of the designer.
To load the report in the web designer, add the StiWebDesigner component on the web form, add code to load the report template. Run the project and edit the report in the web browser.
This tutorial shows an example of creating a report in the Web Report Designer, its saving and loading.
Create a report in the standalone report designer and save it. Create a web project, add the StiWebDesigner component to the form. Add code to load the saved report. Run the project and edit the previously saved report in the web browser.
To pass data from the XML source to the report it is necessary to create an XML connection in the report designer with the paths to the data files, create a data source and obtain the data columns. Use the generated data source in the report.