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This video shows principles of creating interactive lists. Also in this video one can find something useful for work with the report designer.
This video shows the basics skills of working with the Empty data band. Put this band on the report page, set the system variable, apply a style, preview the report.
Use the Sub-report component when creating the Master-Detail lists. Place the Data band to the page of a report template with the master entries, put the Sub-report component on it, create the Detail list and preview the rendered report.
Creating the Side-by-Side report with sub-reports on the Data band. In addition watching this video is a good way to increase skills in the report designer.
Placing two different lists together on one page. Put two Sub-report components side by side, create simple lists, preview the report.
This video shows how to use the Sub-report component. As an example a simple list report is used. This will help to understand some approaches in working with the report designer.
This video demonstrates how to quickly create a hierarchical report. This video provides the basics of working with the Hierarchical band, and applying styles in a such reports.
The Cross-tab can be placed on the Data band. Also this video shows the approaches in working with the report designer.
Place the Cross-Tab component on a report page, specify the data for rows, columns, and summary cells. Increase the number of segments, if needed.
Place the Chart component on the Data band, create reports with Detail diagrams. Also in this video lesson one can find information about using the report designer.