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All the elements in the data dictionary are structured in a hierarchical tree. The data dictionary contains information about the data that is used to generate reports. This information includes: connecting to databases, data sources and connections between them, variables, and business objects. Also the report data dictionary may not have any information about the data, but the report will be rendered.
The Properties panel shows all the properties of the selected component, and also its events. The video shows how it is implemented in Reports.Web.
With this wizard you can define the parameters of the location of the component in the band. See how it is implemented in the HTML5 Designer.
The report wizard is used to easily create a report in a step-by-step way. The lesson shows how is works in the HTML5 designer.
The Master-Detail report can be created using the Master-Detail Report report wizard. See how it works in HTML5.
The first part of the video. This tutorial shows how to create a report with parameters, and save it. The lesson is a good may to improve skills in working with the report designer.
This example demonstrates using columns and groups in the Master-Detail report to create the report template on a mobile device.
Create the Master-Detail report on a mobile device. Put Data bands on the page, use the wizard when placing components. Select data sources, define the relation, a text can be changed using the convenient menu of the report designer.
Reviewing the report designer for mobile devices. The video shows the basic tools for designing reports.
Any report template can be saved. This example shows how to load a report template in StiMobileDesigner designer, edit and save it.