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A hyperlink is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow. See how hyperlinks can be applied in Stimulsoft Reports.
This video shows the basics of creating a report in our Mobile Designer for MVC.
The video shows how to use our new report designer for mvc in projects. It starts from creating a new project, shows basics of working with Visual Studio, and ends with opening the Mobile Designer for MVC in the web browser.
Bookmarks are used to show the structure of a report. Also bookmarks are used to mark the component to make a reference on it using hyperlinks.
The video shows how to enable or disable the tabs Code and Preview in the reports designer.
All the elements in the data dictionary are structured in a hierarchical tree. The data dictionary contains information about the data that is used to generate reports. This information includes: connecting to databases, data sources and connections between them, variables, and business objects. Also the report data dictionary may not have any information about the data, but the report will be rendered.
Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC has an HTML5 viewer to display reports. The video shows how to connect it in your project using Visual Studio.
Business Object is a data type, which is a set of objects related to each other, using what it is possible to present data in various structures: tables, lists, arrays, etc. See how it works in Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC
The Properties panel shows all the properties of the selected component, and also its events. The video shows how it is implemented in Reports.Web.
With this wizard you can define the parameters of the location of the component in the band. See how it is implemented in the HTML5 Designer.