I am very happy to use your instruments. I use Stimulsoft Reports for desktop and web applications.

Danilo Giuliani
I have been using Crystal Reports XI for reporting in a C# windows forms application and it just hasn't been meeting my needs. I used Stimulsoft Reports on one of our more complex labeling reports, and was able to get the report done in a day. Everything from margins to layout is a breeze compared to Crystal and once I understood bands, containers, and clones and got the enumerable data source working based on your sample code, the report printed out exactly as I designed it. Amazing. Keep up the good work.

Nate Chadwick
Director of Technology
ProMedDx, LLC
In the past I have given a testimonial to the great work you guys have done with Stimulsoft web. I have personally worked on reporting with Infragistics, Telerik, Devexpress, TextControl, FastReports and many more. For me Stimulsoft is a breath of fresh air.

Lalit Surana
Chief Technical Officer
Easy Clinic
I have been using Stimulsoft Reports for almost 2 years now. I use it mainly with WinForms. It is an amazing product quite intuitive and easy to use. Support has been exceptional so far. It has helped me a lot to develop reports at a quick pace. I wish Stimulsoft all the best in all their pursuits.

Naveen Aggarwal
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