In our opinion Stimulsoft Reports is the best solution for reporting on the market. It is not expensive and for this money Stimulsoft Reports has good quality and for the subscription period Stimulsoft supplies with new versions. It is user-friendly and fast and has good report designer. Techical support is excellent and very fast. We use Stimulsoft Reports with our web applications and we are very satisfied with this.

Sasa Macesic
If you ever have anyone who would like to contact an actual user of your report software before they buy it please send them to me :-). Not only is this the best money we have spent your email support is the best I have ever used. You always reply to my questions and you always have the right answer. I will definitely push this software to anyone who wants to listen.


Jeff Meyer
IDPro Inc.
Last night I tested the Stimulsoft Reports, and it looked Ok. I must say this is very impressive work done in a short amount of time.

Karl Frederick
Reporting tool from Stimulsoft is the sample of good and qualitative development that has full set of features which provides real advantages. The Report Designer is very handy and intuitive. This is very important to get a result in short period of time. The process of learning Stimulsoft Reports is very quick: a lot of samples, texts. This product is .NET oriented and it is very good.

I wish you good luck in development your outstanding product.

Irina Trush
Good reporting tool with big potential.

Tomas Urych
It's a very easy to use and advanced report writer.

Khaled Afifi
I renewed my version 2007 for 2009. I think Stimulsoft Reports is awesome tool. It helps to add value to our systems. I recommend it to everyone and a big hug to the Stimulsoft Team!

Reports creation, work in ASP.NET with your product is a real pleasure. My 30-years experience of work with anything one can ever imagine, allows me to estimate your professionalism. Thank you.

Grigory Maleev
In 2005-2006 I tested many reporting tools. No one satisfied me so i decided to not include any reporting tool in our software, though it hardly needed one.

After some months, I tested Stimulsoft Reports. At first glance, i noticed the very good designer. Then, in subsequent months, I hardly tested Stimulsoft Reports and Stimulsoft support. I was very satisfied with them, so in September 2007 we bought Stimulsoft Reports and incapsulated it in our software.

After 2 years of work with Stimulsoft Reports, i can say that the choice has been very good (so i decided it was time to write this testimonial): beautiful designer, optimal speed, any kind of exporting, excellent external programmability, good objects structure, possibility to modify already rendered pages.

And, very important, the support has always been at the top, simply perfect.

Now, our software implements Stimulsoft Reports, and our 200 customers here in Italy are very satisfied with it (and so are we).
Stimulsoft, thank you.

Fabio Pagano
AziWin Project Manager
A.P.System s.r.l.
Congratulations on such a great reporter. So many export formats, so many ways to load reports.

Although I will use the designer for some reports, I did manage to hardcode a lot of simple column reports by using your generated code as a template so all I have to do is pass the name of the report, datasource, column names, widths and description. Each report is now only two lines of code plus one line for each column. Much easier to create and update.

Once again great job. (Although not currently an issue, it might be useful to be able use in XBAP mode also, but I realise this would be a lot of work, and a lot of features would have to be removed). Perhaps just a simple engine to view reports (designer not required). Regardless what you have created is truely magnificent...

Duncan McIntosh
It beats CrystalReports, by far, very easy to deploy, just what I need.

Roberto Gonzalez
This is the best reporting engine I ever used.

Ichim Ionel
Soft Expert
In my system we have object Project which is related to the many Items, Folders and other objects. The project is secured object so just users with certain permissions could see it and edit it. From the other side I have many report templates (contains the path for Stimulsoft report file *.mrt) on each project object. The project managers can edit report templates and they can design reports - for designing report I am opening the *.mrt file with Stimulsoft Designer flash application and show it in my application. Everything related to design of reports is ok. Users are surprised with possibilities to design reports in web application at runtime and to have environment as they have in Microsoft Word. Yes, I speak about Your tool. Thank you for great job!

Voislav Galić
We have been impressed with the technology and the tremendous customer support from Stimulsoft!

Jay O'Brien
BP Logix
You really have a brilliant reporting component, almost perfect and far better than the reporting tools from Infragistics, Crystal reports, DevExpress, TextControl and Telerik. I am paid subscriber to 3 of the 5 mentioned here. Stimulsoft appears to be well thought out from the developers perspective, not just the end-users.

Lalit Surana
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