We use Stimulsoft Reports to develop reports for a number of applications we develop. We evaluated four Products before choosing Stimulsoft Reports, which had the best set of features for our requirements. The tech support and enhancement requests we have received from Stimulsoft has been as good as we've ever seen in any software product.

Rod Sinclair
Focus Computers
We needed an easy to use but powerful report writer to integrate into our service desk product. Most of the other products we looked at required the use of Visual Studio which isn't a good solution for novice users. We wanted something that anyone could use to build reports. Stimulsoft was a perfect fit for our product. Our customers love it! I was also very impressed with the level of customer service I received. When I posted questions on the forum they were always answered within a day (usually within a couple of hours). Stimulsoft even added a couple of features I suggested. I am very happy that I chose this product.

Sandy Pham
Cherwell Software
Our experience with Stimulsoft Reports has been a pleasure. Its characteristics perfectly fit our reporting/charting needs. Its licensing schema is the best for adding reporting capabilities to our end-user products.

An additional value is that the source code is provided, this has been used by our developers to obtain a better understanding of how reports are created. Every person who has accessed the sources talk about the great quality of the code.

Mack Macias
Technical Director of EspiralMS
Stimulsoft Reports is a great product at an affordable price. Stimulsoft beats the competition both on features and price.

Doron Erblich
Noya - Software Innovations
We delighted with your Stimulsoft Reports and your company. The quality of your product suits us well. In compare with other reporting tools, Stimulsoft Reports is on the top of all. And it is not only in technical support but in functionality: deployment, scaling, and using.

Keep it up!

Maxim Kolesov
Executive Director
I develop a softwarepackage called 'ASAP'. It's an ordering/invoicing system for Shipchandlers. The program is written in Delphi win32. For reporting I use(d) reportbuilder of Digital Metaphors. One of my customers have a windows 2003 small business server running. This server also serves as printerserver. Since while they have problems with printing reports from my software. I tried everything (new driver, support from digital metaphors, reprogram parts of my software), but in the end I have found no solution (I think it has to do with some memory leaking). So I decided to use Stimulsoft Reports, because I have a valid license for this and good experience. The problem of course is how to call .net code from win32. I found a solution using managed extension dll written in VC++.

The whole point of my story is: what a perfect tool Stimulsoft Reports is! What a breeze to work with it. I remember myself struggling with reportbuilder of Digital metaphors. It took me for ages to build the reports I needed with that tool. Things as running totals, stretching and shifting regions. I converted all reports (about 20) to Stimulsoft Reports in about 20 hours and I was enjoying myself every hour!

I wish you all the best!

Rene van den Berg
CEO Egosoft B.V.
I just want to express my congratulations for such a good reporting tool, I always have worked with expensive tools like crystal report, Brio etc. But I think that what makes you different is the customer service and the immediate response on problems and timely fixes. I hope you will continue doing this always.

I wish you all the best!

Jose Bonilla
Gateway Horizon
Not so long time ago, we needed to migrate our products to the .NET platform. So we were to choose the reporting tool. And it did not take a lot time. We choose Stimulsoft Reports. The reasons are:

- localization in Russian;

- developers promised prompt support.

And I have to say that it was not a mistake: a report generator fully covers our needs and is easily integrated into our product and system configuration control. During our work with the reporting tool it gave an impression that we and Stimulsoft Team make the same things. They are so prompt in response. Developers of the product do not want to stop half-way and do the best to make the product better. We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

Sergey Dianov
Team Leader of GF "SRZ "Nerpa" OAO "CS "Zvezdochka"
Just wanted to give you some much deserved gratitude. This is probably the best report engine I have used to date.

We tested the product very late in our development cycle and were amazed. Your product has enabled us to add so many additional features to our software that we rescheduled the release date of our product to completely remove the report engine we were using and replace it with reports.net.

Thank you again for an excellent product.

John Engle
Director of IT
Wilgro Services, Inc
The most common impression of Stimulsoft Reports is huge potential of this report generator. Maybe not all potential I've already used so that the overall picture has not been opened, but the overall impression is pleasant. Authors of the product know what a programmer needs in creating reports. Having migrated from FastReport to Stimulsoft Reports, some things just amazed me with their existence. Some properties of, seem to be simple, Text components really amazed me. It seem I never needed them but now proved to be useful. I am very pleased with ease of integration into your own application. But the reaction of technical support team is beyond praise.

Good luck and success to all developers Stimulsoft Reports in the improvement and development of its product, as well as to all who use it!

Dmitry Kozhemyakin
RPo Department
Branch of FGUP "FKC "Zemlya" by UFO
I am a developer of applications for WinForms and use C# for the construction of my applications. For a long time I used the Crystal Reports reporting tool and I always had great difficulties in satisfying my needs. Now I am using Stimulsoft Reports and with it I hope to solve all my problems.

The team of Stimulsoft, my congratulations.

Jardel Rogerio Lemos
I am VERY impressed. It seems like an excellent product. I am using ActiveReports for many years. Your product might be a reason for me to change from ActiveReports to Stimulsoft Reports.

Good work you've done.

Klaus Giebeler
I tested more than 12 report generator. Stimulsoft Reports was the best of all. The hotline (E-mail) was fast on response and on answering any question. Stimulsoft Reports is exactly was I looked for.

Josef Gargitter
Idealnet GmbH
Actually I am new to this reporting tool, so I misunderstood that the variables are as the Formula (In Crystal Reports). Later I spent some more time, and got it and my reports are ready now.

Basically, it is a conversion project. The client wanted a replacement for Crystal reports and they have suggested us 3 tools (one of that is Stimulsoft) and gave us some of the toughest reports that they have in Crystal Reports. Initially I had few issues; I posted the questions, and was quite impatience for the replies. So I went through the entire Forum once and got the answers for all my questions. I have completed my task. My Vote on the 3 Tools is Stimulsoft Reports only.

After use/test of several other look alike products on the market, this was the one that gave the flexibility for both developers, as well as for the customers to do what they really needed to do. A great and well structured reporting tool for the .NET environment.

If you need a reporting tool for the .NET environment, just buy it!

Thomas Lindahl
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