We believe that Stimulsoft Reports is the most developer friendly and technically advanced reporting tools available for .NET development today. Features like report preview rendering, multiple export formats, and the fact that each report file is in fact an XML file itself, is a dream for any developer to work with. The fact that any report file can be edited by a WYSIWYG editor is a dream for customization of end user reports. We are delighted that Socrates is using the Stimulsoft Reporting system and will do so for many years to come.

Dermot Dolan
It took a lot of time to find appropriate reporting tool. I worked with Crystal Reports 9. But after migrating on .NET this product did not meet my requirements. I found Stimulsoft using search engines. I was delighted starting with the first step of working with Stimulsoft Reports. Unlimited set of features. Working with other software I needed to learn built-in programming languages. It took a lot of time. And, as a rule, these languages had certain limitations. In Stimulsoft Reports everything is possible! Some word about realtime support. I've never seen such fast response. This was the most important argument why I chose Stimulsoft Reports. Also pricing policy played very important role in choosing Stimulsoft product.

Oleg Slavin
Great! I am looking on your Stimulsoft Reports engine for some hours - and found it great!!! Think we will buy this after a test phase with customers!!


Werner Wachter
Our application collects and analyzes financial data. Then it builds complex reports on it. We found Stimulsoft Reports meets nearly everything we need. It gives us ability to build powerful great looking reports. In addition we found Stimulsoft Reports support team is very prompt to support customers in every need and every time. We are very satisfied with Stimulsoft Reports as our report generator engine.

Michele Campanaro
After trying dozens of report engines for VB.NET, none seemed to me appropriate. And finally I found your Stimulsoft Reports! It's great!

The 3 reasons why your product is great:

1. Unlimited nesting of databands.

2. Direct data-access.

3. Integrated form of code editor for simple dialog boxes.

Lucas Vos
Compared to Crystal Reports, Stimulsoft Reports is a breeze. We use it for all printed documents in our solution and they produce beautiful, clean and professional looking documents. Add to that the fantastic report designer provided with the solution, and you have great looking documents with nothing more than a dataset and a few data bands. We have been very impressed with the quality of service, and the level of support provided by Stimulsoft. In one instance, they even created a special build of the component with a new API function due to a particular need in our software solution.

Steven Spencer
Lead Programmer
As we were looking for the new report generator Stimulsoft Reports was the best product to solve our needs.

The 3 main features need for the report generator is:

1. The end user being able to edit the report;

2. Automatic printing so the users don't have to select printer each time;

3. A way to implement it in our VB.NET application so I can control the printer settings for each user to handle different printer locations e.g. home office.

Stimulsoft Support team was very helpful to come up with solutions for our questions, and it happened very quickly every time. Stimulsoft Reports has helped our IT department tremendously as the users define there own printer when they are printing a document type for the first time. And the next time the document is printed the printer is selected automatically. We are printing about 600.000 pages a year and Stimulsoft Reports takes care of it all.

We will recommend Stimulsoft Reports to every one, who needs the report generator implementation in their application.

I think your product is awesome!

Xavier Carrera Toro
CompsaOnline S.L.
Things I really like in Stimulsoft Reports (and why I've bought it). The ability to use C# Code in the report or via my own assemblies is just wonderful. There is no need to use some cryptic Pascal like script language. Just C#, which I obviously already use. Just great. In Stimulsoft Reports it is very easy to save/load a report or a rendered report to a database. Just using the WriteToString and LoadFromString methods. No more hassle with Streams. Databinding is very easy and can be done from inside the application or from the report. So it should be.

Overall this should be the report generator to be shipping with VS, not Crystal Reports, which isn't even written in managed code.

Keep up the good work!

Albert Gradl
I have been evaluating Stimulsoft Reports and I am impressed with the quality of the product, very well engineered component, well thought out and well designed user/developer interface. I just bought it. Comparing to a few other big name reporting components, in my opinion Stimulsoft Reports is currently right up there among the bests. The good thing I see is that the software focuses on what it is meant to do and do it well without clever ads embedded into the product.

Keep up the good work Stimulsoft.

Ngoc Doau
Your reporting tool is really the best combination of ease of use, reasonable price, advantageous licensing policy, excellent report quality and the fastest support service I have ever seen.

Dr Abdelghani Souirji
We use your product for own development on the .NET platform. We are very pleased with fast technical support. All our suggestions and questions are processed very quickly. The excellent product for our purposes (industrial automation).

Dmitry Kositsyn
Great reporting tools component. We have tried so many reporting tools previously, but Stimulsoft Reports is #1, no doubt.

Achmad Mulyadi
PT. Karya Mulia Perdana
I had to take the time to tell you how impressed I am with your report product. I have downloaded and tested several reporting tools and yours is simply the best I have found/used. I simply fill and reg a dataset and can build my pages just from that by drag and drop. Anyway I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the product is.

Thanks again for the product.

Great piece of sofware and the first real CUSTOMER orientated support!!

Well done!

Massimo Brillante
Junior Software Developer
RSK Tech Ltd
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