Stimulsoft Reports has excellent functionality and is very powerful. I did not know that so many things are possible in Stimulsoft! There is still a lot I don't know.

Stimulsoft is the best reporting tool on the market, and the support is prompt and very professional.

Hugh Stevens
Synergy.Net Ltd
In using the Stimulsoft Reports product for our new retail management system, Retail 6, we've found that we can produce extensive forms and reports in a timely and efficient manner for our customers in the home furnishings industry. It has also allowed us to create carton and location labels and hang tags, which our customers find very beneficial. Very user-friendly, this product has proven easy to use, especially with its drop and drag interface. This special feature has made report and form building a simple process for our development team.

Customer support has also been top-notch, with Stimulsoft customer service representatives working long hours to support our needs and always in a timely fashion. In addition, the sample documents they create specifically identify just what we need to do to get the job done right. They've been extremely helpful.

Amazing. Keep up the good work.

Jeffrey Rhoads
Chief Technical Architect
CDS Solutions Group
Since several months my developers' team was looking for a powerful reporting tool like Crystal Report, with friendlier user-interface, and a fast learning. Today there are only a few components that fit for us: reasonable price, great designer and nice support team but not all in one. The only product which covers all these features is Stimulsoft Reports.

Stimulsoft Reports is a smart solution for delivering any kind of report with lesser learning and coding time costs. We can generate static or dynamic report at design time or at runtime, we can modify our report at runtime, so any user can customize his report and export it in several standard formats, like PDF! It also has a really good support for developers, with auto code generation in both C# and VB.NET, and allows us to fit reports even on dynamic structured data sources, with a nice set of API extensions.

So why I choose Stimulsoft Reports? It's simple, smart and efficient. So why not to enjoy and use it?

Lorenzo Franceschini
Solution Developer
I use Stimulsoft Reports every day and up to today there is no type of a report that has not been able to be designed. Its use is very intuitive, and, in addition, it comes supported by a team of professionals who immediately take care of any consultation.

Gloria Mateo
Gesconet Multimedia S.L.
Within the last three months we purchased Stimulsoft Reports, learned to use it, developed 50 reports, and integrated them as into our application as report web pages with the standard report controls. Stimulsoft allowed us to be more reports of higher quality in a shorter time that I have seen before with many other report development tools. Some of the most significant capabilities for us are:

1. Rendering of reports to all designed formats - HTML, PDF, EXCEL, RTF, and CSV without any extra coding! The PDF rendering is fast and perfect. RTF allows direct opening in Microsoft Word to quickly email a report or integrate the results with a Word Document. Export to Excel allows data extracts through a web browser for charting, custom and ad hoc analysis, and a dataset for Microsoft Word mail merge.

2. Report design and database query procedure development can be separated so reports can be developed without depth of SQL skills.

3. Sophisticated formatting capabilities allowed production of each report in a format best suited to present the information, including landscape or portrait layouts, multi-columns, conditional formatting, and calculated fields.

4. Full automation of page formatting, including starting new pages, headers and footers, saved an enormous amount of effort and facilitated implementing a common look for pages headers and footers across reports.

I must say the product has more than paid for itself in labor savings while allowing better capability and appearance then we have known before. I hope to see continuing improvement of this fine product.

Nevin Henson
Software Engineering
Instant Software, Inc.
I knew within minutes of downloading the trial version of Stimulsoft Reports that it would be an excellent fit for our needs. The ability of serializing/deserializing reports through a stream or string made storing reports in a database a snap. Stimulsoft technical support was quick in responding to my questions.

Spruce Weber
Bioinformatics Coordinator
Harris Moran Seed Company
We use your reporting tool in our commercial product Integrated Kanban System (IKS). We and our clients are very happy with your product. The configuration of a report is stored in the text XML file. This allows us without code recompiling to correct a report directly on the client's machine. This makes our work faster. Also abitily to connect our classes using Using made possible to build in translation our reports in various languages.
In general, the greatest product.

Vladimir Nalivaiko
manufactus GmbH
The flexibility and power of Stimulsoft Reports allowed us to quickly and easily integrate reporting and exporting capabilities into our software applications. Stimulsoft support is among the best with quick turnarounds when questions were submitted.

Joe Acklin
Lafayette Instrument
When looking for a good component a person should seek for:

1. A valuable product which has the required features.

2. Good and proved Support department.

3. Reasonable pricing methods.

In all of those I found Stimulsoft Reports as valuable product for my company. The product is great and the designer is very friendly, Stimulsoft provide a demo solution which is a great solution to utilize while learning the product. Stimulsoft product acknowledges the fact that there are nations whose language is a right to left one. The right to left support is great, and beside some bugs in export to excel, I could not find a report tool that support Hebrew so widely. On top of all is Vital, I work with a lot of companies that sell components, and in none of which I did not get a service like the one I get from Vital. Questions are answered immediately by email, and there is no need to go through forums, or annoying chat windows.

Amazing! Keep up the good work.

Itzik Katzav
Chief Executive Officer
Softwear Suit Ltd.
It took me a lot of time finding reporting system. I started with Crystal Reports, continued with MS Reporting Service and worked with it some time. I spent a lot of time learning both the first and the second product. I was not satisfied with them. It was always lack of features. For example, alignment, export, incorrect printing. Sometimes this is a trifle but in complex reports it's really annoying. But when I tried Stimulsoft Reports (found a link on a forum) and downloaded a Demo I understood that it is what I needed.

Everything is attractive in the product – interface in very beautiful, well thought-out. It is almost impossible to find faults. I have never seen such support as in Stimulsoft. The service is excellent. Thank you very much for all of you. Lack of functionality is eliminating. There are no critical bugs. And ability of full integration in .NET increases interest in products a few times.

Vladimir Loboda
.NET programmer
Investment group Mamonov
I think Stimulsoft Reports is a fantastic product so my congratulations to your development team.

Steve Driessens
With the Stimulsoft Reports component we reduced our time of development in the creation of reports, increasing the productivity and the customers' satisfaction. Our customers started to have more professional reports not with several resources found in other tools. We considered our Stimulsoft partner, where we have an excellent support technician, kind and efficient.

Kerler Chaves
KCMS Intelligent Solutions
Stimulsoft Reports is a great product and the support is one of the best I've seen, if not the best. Getting email support only took a few minutes.

Keep up the good work!

Ulrich Fiege
Very good product!

Silvio Monterisi
I work for and Stimulsoft Reports is a fantastic product. With its unique ability to provide Windows Forms inside the reports, it allows us to distribute new and updated reports for our Medical Practice Management System without having to alter the main application in any way. The Design of the software is easy to use and provides a wide variety of different report controls for designing many different report styles. Also, the Support provided by Stimulsoft is very prompt and excellent.

Brendan O'Connor
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