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It took me a lot of time finding reporting system. I started with Crystal Reports, continued with MS Reporting Service and worked with it some time. I spent a lot of time learning both the first and the second product. I was not satisfied with them. It was always lack of features. For example, alignment, export, incorrect printing. Sometimes this is a trifle but in complex reports it's really annoying. But when I tried Stimulsoft Reports (found a link on a forum) and downloaded a Demo I understood that it is what I needed.

Everything is attractive in the product – interface in very beautiful, well thought-out. It is almost impossible to find faults. I have never seen such support as in Stimulsoft. The service is excellent. Thank you very much for all of you. Lack of functionality is eliminating. There are no critical bugs. And ability of full integration in .NET increases interest in products a few times.

Vladimir Loboda
.NET programmer
Investment group Mamonov
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