I develop a softwarepackage called 'ASAP'. It's an ordering/invoicing system for Shipchandlers. The program is written in Delphi win32. For reporting I use(d) reportbuilder of Digital Metaphors. One of my customers have a windows 2003 small business server running. This server also serves as printerserver. Since while they have problems with printing reports from my software. I tried everything (new driver, support from digital metaphors, reprogram parts of my software), but in the end I have found no solution (I think it has to do with some memory leaking). So I decided to use Stimulsoft Reports, because I have a valid license for this and good experience. The problem of course is how to call .net code from win32. I found a solution using managed extension dll written in VC++.

The whole point of my story is: what a perfect tool Stimulsoft Reports is! What a breeze to work with it. I remember myself struggling with reportbuilder of Digital metaphors. It took me for ages to build the reports I needed with that tool. Things as running totals, stretching and shifting regions. I converted all reports (about 20) to Stimulsoft Reports in about 20 hours and I was enjoying myself every hour!

I wish you all the best!

Rene van den Berg
CEO Egosoft B.V.