Since several months my developers' team was looking for a powerful reporting tool like Crystal Report, with friendlier user-interface, and a fast learning. Today there are only a few components that fit for us: reasonable price, great designer and nice support team but not all in one. The only product which covers all these features is Stimulsoft Reports.

Stimulsoft Reports is a smart solution for delivering any kind of report with lesser learning and coding time costs. We can generate static or dynamic report at design time or at runtime, we can modify our report at runtime, so any user can customize his report and export it in several standard formats, like PDF! It also has a really good support for developers, with auto code generation in both C# and VB.NET, and allows us to fit reports even on dynamic structured data sources, with a nice set of API extensions.

So why I choose Stimulsoft Reports? It's simple, smart and efficient. So why not to enjoy and use it?

Lorenzo Franceschini
Solution Developer