I came across this software after searching for many different types of similar software online, and found that Stimulsoft is the best suit for my requirements so far. It is a bit complicated to get started, but I always believe "Complicated" sometimes mean "Comprehensive".

Some of the articles I found online is not that useful and it require some own study to make it work. Anyway, it is better than none.

The support is great. Although sometimes they tried to cover the problem with simplest solution, but you just need to push them to provide the best solution.

One thing I do hope is Stimulsoft will make the software more stable and less bugs. The bugs make me frustrated, but as long as you fix it in time, it is fine. I can see that you guys are really making an effort on it.

Thank you for creating such a great tool. It fulfills almost all our requirements and make our software better!

Kok Seow Ming
Encelabs Sdn Bhd