When looking for a good component a person should seek for:

1. A valuable product which has the required features.

2. Good and proved Support department.

3. Reasonable pricing methods.

In all of those I found Stimulsoft Reports as valuable product for my company. The product is great and the designer is very friendly, Stimulsoft provide a demo solution which is a great solution to utilize while learning the product. Stimulsoft product acknowledges the fact that there are nations whose language is a right to left one. The right to left support is great, and beside some bugs in export to excel, I could not find a report tool that support Hebrew so widely. On top of all is Vital, I work with a lot of companies that sell components, and in none of which I did not get a service like the one I get from Vital. Questions are answered immediately by email, and there is no need to go through forums, or annoying chat windows.

Amazing! Keep up the good work.

Itzik Katzav
Chief Executive Officer
Softwear Suit Ltd.