Stimulsoft Reports proved for us as ideal reporting tool. The conditions, which we had placed against a report generator, were the following:

1. Possibility of complete integration into our own program.

2. Full support of .NET objects.

3. Independence of the report generator from the own database connection.

4. Web support.

5. Our customers should have the possibility to customize existing reports or to create a new report and integrate it into our program without the need of adjustments by us.

6. Intuitive design, so that the typical, frequently occurring elements of a report definition can be developed fast.

7. Possibility to create fastidious, complex reports.

8. Dialog forms available as a part of the report generator.
Stimulsoft Reports has converted these conditions in a well-balanced form and offers many useful details, which are proven in practice as very helpful.

Hans-Georg Quade
all in one GmbH