In 2005-2006 I tested many reporting tools. No one satisfied me so i decided to not include any reporting tool in our software, though it hardly needed one.

After some months, I tested Stimulsoft Reports. At first glance, i noticed the very good designer. Then, in subsequent months, I hardly tested Stimulsoft Reports and Stimulsoft support. I was very satisfied with them, so in September 2007 we bought Stimulsoft Reports and incapsulated it in our software.

After 2 years of work with Stimulsoft Reports, i can say that the choice has been very good (so i decided it was time to write this testimonial): beautiful designer, optimal speed, any kind of exporting, excellent external programmability, good objects structure, possibility to modify already rendered pages.

And, very important, the support has always been at the top, simply perfect.

Now, our software implements Stimulsoft Reports, and our 200 customers here in Italy are very satisfied with it (and so are we).
Stimulsoft, thank you.

Fabio Pagano
AziWin Project Manager
A.P.System s.r.l.