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As we were looking for the new report generator Stimulsoft Reports was the best product to solve our needs.

The 3 main features need for the report generator is:

1. The end user being able to edit the report;

2. Automatic printing so the users don't have to select printer each time;

3. A way to implement it in our VB.NET application so I can control the printer settings for each user to handle different printer locations e.g. home office.

Stimulsoft Support team was very helpful to come up with solutions for our questions, and it happened very quickly every time. Stimulsoft Reports has helped our IT department tremendously as the users define there own printer when they are printing a document type for the first time. And the next time the document is printed the printer is selected automatically. We are printing about 600.000 pages a year and Stimulsoft Reports takes care of it all.

We will recommend Stimulsoft Reports to every one, who needs the report generator implementation in their application.

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