This example shows how to add font to resource for reports. First, Use getFile() method to load font file. After that, use StiResource() method to add it to resource:
<script type="text/javascript">
	var designer = new Stimulsoft.Designer.StiDesigner(null, "StiDesigner", false);
	var report = new Stimulsoft.Report.StiReport();

	var fileContent = Stimulsoft.System.IO.File.getFile("../reports/Roboto-Black.ttf", true);
	var resource = new Stimulsoft.Report.Dictionary.StiResource("Roboto-Black", "Roboto-Black", false, Stimulsoft.Report.Dictionary.StiResourceType.FontTtf, fileContent);

	var page = report.pages.getByIndex(0);

	//Create text component
	var dataText = new Stimulsoft.Report.Components.StiText();
	dataText.clientRectangle = new Stimulsoft.System.Drawing.Rectangle(1, 1, 3, 2);
	dataText.text = "Sample Text";
	dataText.font = new Stimulsoft.System.Drawing.Font("Roboto-Black");
	dataText.border.side = Stimulsoft.Base.Drawing.StiBorderSides.All;

	page.components.add(dataText); = report;

In the screenshot below you can see the result of the sample code:

Adding a Font to the Resource

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