This example illustrates how to add a custom function to the designer and use it in the dashboard template.

First, you need to add the StiBlazorDesigner component to the view page. Next, register new function:
@using Stimulsoft.Report.Blazor;


<StiBlazorDesigner Report="@report" Theme="StiDesignerTheme.Office2013LightGrayCarmine"></StiBlazorDesigner>


// Register function
StiFunctions.AddFunction("MyCategory", "MySum",
	"description", typeof(CustomFunction),
	typeof(decimal), "Calculates a sum of the specified set of values.",
	new[] { typeof(object) },
	new[] { "values" },
	new[] { "A set of values" }).UseFullPath = false;

Finally, create dashboard object and load the dashboard template:
// Create dashboard object
report = StiReport.CreateNewDashboard();

// Load dashboard

In the screenshot below you can see the result of the sample code:

Adding a Custom Function to the Designer

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