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There are three ways of using Report Server which allow choosing the ideal type of installation depending on the system requirements:

ServerA package for local installation

The basic version involves the installation of the entire server infrastructure internally on the enterprise servers. Companies that require efficiency, safety and integration with their own services, should pay attention to this option. Using its own infrastructure is a good way to prevent overpaying for third-party hardware resources. Own server and communication in an isolated internal corporate environment provide the necessary level of security and data integrity. Our report server is easily incorporated into a chain of processing corporate information by integrating it with existing internal services.

AzureDeployment package

This option involves the use of the report server in the cloud service Microsoft Azure. This option is the best for companies that want to save money and refuse to have its own IT infrastructure. "Migration to the cloud" is a serious trend of modern business that allows avoiding excessive costs for the server infrastructure and IT-specialists, paying consumed resources "in fact", as well as to produce horizontal scaling system with one click. Therefore, the report server is integrated into the service Microsoft Azure that is the most promising solution for reasons of ease of deployment and cost savings. The report server can be integrated into existing infrastructure of the enterprise in Microsoft Azure, harmoniously complementing cloud system of data processing.

EmbeddedThe package for embedding the report server to the client application

It is a comprehensive set of Report Server with the ability to customize the configuration settings and embed it into own "ecosystem". This option gives you ability to create software that implement fully or partially functionality of Report Server with its own modifications and necessary specific features. API for developers built in Report Server, provides complete control of the server functionality and can be used from any programming language.

The choice between these options is very simple. If you intend to use the report server on the internal network of the enterprise, the best choice is Report Server. If you want access to reports from the outside, then the best solution is to deploy the report server on the basis of Report Server Azure. If you need additional functionality and integration of the server into an enterprise application or need to closely integrate it into the complex enterprise infrastructure, then Stimulsoft Reports Stimulsoft Server Embedded will help you. In any case, with Stimulsoft Report Server you can achieve the desired result.

Variety of Client Applications

Client parts of the system are available for several popular platforms and allow using Report Server from any "smart" device:

Web. A fully featured web application, implemented as a Web service on the base of the HTML5 technology with modern dynamic user interface. The main advantage of this client is to work on any device that has access to the Internet – from PC to a compact smartphone;

Windows Desktop. The Windows application with animated interface Microsoft Fluent Interface (Ribbon), created on the basis of the WPF technology (Windows Presentation Foundation). The main advantages of this client is interactivity, presentability and ultimate functionality;

Windows 8-10. The client for Windows RT is designed in the corporate style Windows 8 Modern UI with support for the touch technology. It is easy to work on portable devices, allows getting the full cycle of data "on the fly" from the report template creation to sending the final document by Email.

From the client application the user gets access to the features provided by Report Server.