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Stimulsoft BI Server. Software Licensing Policy

Server licensing is based on the number of Creators. The Creator is a person who has an account on the server, connects to it from the client-side, registered there as a Creator, and uses Stimulsoft BI Server for designing reports and dashboards.

The reports and dashboards server is delivered with a minimum package of one Creator (a Single license).

If you need more than one Creator, you should select Team (up to 4 Creators + White Label), Site (up to 15 Creators + White Label), or WorldWide (unlimited Creators + White Label).

Authorized and Unauthorized Users

In addition to Creators, the functionality of Stimulsoft BI Server allows adding – Authorized and Unauthorized Users.

Authorized Users can use the server resources; they have their accounts and have rights to access the server and view reports and dashboards, but cannot create or change anything.

Unauthorized Users can use the resources which are publicly shared. To share a resource, the Creator should flag it as a Public Share. Unauthorized Users have access to resources by links but have no accounts on the server.

Depending on the resource to which the access is allowed, possibilities of all Users vary, but, in general, they get a full set of functions for working with the resource. For example, if this is a Report item, then the user can view it in the viewer, export, and print it. In the case of a PDF file, the functionality is limited by the system application for working with PDF. Excel files can be opened in the corresponding program.

License Activation

No Royalties for All Users

Regardless of the licensing type, we do not limit Authorized and Unauthorized Users. For example, having a Single license that covers one Creator, you may have an unlimited number of authorized and unauthorized users.

There are no restrictions on the number of Users. The only limitation is the power of your computer system. It should allow sharing resources and instantly provide access to reports and dashboards.

What is the Subscription Program?

The Subscription program allows you to get the latest updates and new versions of the software. The Subscription program renewal costs 50% of the current full price of the license. The program allows you to get technical support, as well.

License Validity

The license is perpetual. The purchased product can be used as long as needed. The 30-day trial is only for testing purposes. With the trial, you must not create and design anything for production.

License Upgrade

You may increase the number of Creators by upgrading your license. If you have purchased a license for a certain amount of Creators but, for some reason, decided to increase their number, then you may upgrade the license paying the difference between the license you have and license you wish to upgrade.

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You can get more information about the prices for your use case – or, if you have any additional questions on licensing and pricing, please contact our sales department. Our experts will be happy to find the best option for your scenario.

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