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Stimulsoft Reports.Server is designed on the base of the "client-server" computing architecture. It is based on the interaction of multiple clients with the server. The client side provides data visualization and user interface. The server side provides data processing, storing and passing the necessary information to the client application. Such a system organization has many advantages, including scalability, high reliability and security because of the isolation of levels, optimal use of network resources and data channels, and the ability to use a variety of clients for a variety of platforms.

Stimulsoft Reports.Server includes the server and client parts, as well as an open documented API for different platforms. This opens the opportunity to interact of any modern programming language with our system. So it is easy to integrate Stimulsoft Reports.Server in a closed corporate environment and merge the necessary applications into a single system. Ability to change the report server functionality allows doing unique enhancements suitable for special situations.

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The interior architecture of the report server is built on the concept of streams that are asynchronous handlers of information. Server operation requires the solution of several classes of tasks, each of which has its own types of streams. The number of threads of different types is optimized for efficient server tasks. The load is distributed between them so as to provide maximum system performance.

When using Stimulsoft Reports.Server in the infrastructure of Microsoft Azure the load balancing occurs automatically. Depending on the tasks, the amount of consumed server resources varies providing horizontal scaling "on demand".

For storing system and user information we use one of the relational databases, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. Both of them have high performance and reliability. They provide storing of huge volumes of information and easy integration into the infrastructure.

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All components of Stimulsoft Reports.Server are easy to install and configure. Thanks to the detailed instructions provided, even an IT- specialist with poor experience can manage with installing the system.