Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile
Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile is a fundamentally new product specifically designed for working with reports on mobile devices.

Important! From version 2013.2 the product is a part of Stimulsoft Reports.Web. Further releases of Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile components will be integrated in the installation package of Stimulsoft Reports.Web. The latest available version is 2013.1.

Reporting Tool for Mobile and Desktop Devices

Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile is a fundamentally new product specifically designed for working with reports on mobile devices. All that we achieved for 10 years in the sphere of generating reports has been combined and implemented in Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile.

Nothing Extra

Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile is created using the HTML5 and AJAX technology. You do not need to install additional plug-ins or components in your browser, no other additional steps required before you start. Our product consists of two parts - a server side running on ASP.NET and the client side running on AJAX. All you need is only a web browser. Creating, rendering, viewing reports is now easier and faster.
Stimulsoft Reports.HTML5

Stimulsoft Reports.HTML5

Mobile Viewer

The report viewer is especially adapted for using on mobile devices. No matter which device you are using, the tablet PC with wide screen or normal smartphone, you can view reports anywhere at any time.

Mobile Report Designer

Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile contains a unique component - the report designer, written with AJAX and designed specifically for using with mobile devices. With our designer the reporting process on iPad, Microsoft Surface and any other tablet PCs is quick and easy. Full set of necessary functions and understandable user-friendly interface make the Mobile Reports Designer unique.

Your Web-Browser

Stimulsoft Reports product line supports all common web browsers. Completely adapted for using on mobile devices, Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile supports specific browsers used in them. No matter which browser you prefer, with Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile you will not need to get used to the new ones and change your preferences.
Stimulsoft Reports.HTML5
Stimulsoft Reports.HTML5

The Choice Is Up to You

In Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile you can choose your best way to work with the reports on your tablet PC or smartphone screens – sliding your fingers on the touch-sensitive screen or using a mouse on the desktop computer. You may choice your best way without limiting yourself.

Simple and Easy

Products interfaces are created to do the work with reports easier and faster. The interface for managing reports using fingers is made perfectly: the ease of use is combined with the convenience and intuitive accessibility.

No Problems

All formats that are used in Stimulsoft products are available in Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile. This means that there are no problems with displaying reports created earlier on other platforms. You can easily transfer your reports from, for example, WinForms or WPF platforms and display them on your iPad, Microsoft Surface or any other tablet PC.
Stimulsoft Reports.HTML5
Stimulsoft Reports.HTML5

We Speak Your Language

Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile interface supports more than 25 languages. You can create reports in your native language or languages your customers speak. Our product supports localization of various currencies, time and date format, right to left mode and many other features. We will do our best to accurately keep the contents of the report with all the national symbols and other regional features in PDF or any other format.
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