Stimulsoft Company, a manufacturer of components for creating reports, announces the release of new versions of reporting tools. The product line Stimulsoft Reports.Fx includes reporting tools for Flex, PHP, and Java.

December 1, 2011. Stimulsoft Company announces the release of version 2011.3 of the reporting components for the product line Stimulsoft Reports.Fx.

"This release is not just an upgrade and elimination of defects," says Vladimir Hotchenko project manager. "This is a new step towards full coordination between our products and users. Each time we move forward, we're not leaving you behind. We go together and that's our strength. So once you are with us, we are moving in the right direction."

What's new?
In previous releases, the products supported the exporting formats PDF, Word 2007/2010, Excel, and CSV. In the new version a very important export to HTML format option is available.
The developers added a new ability to print reports using HTML. Earlier, due to technological limitations, reports from the Flash viewer were printed as images. This had its disadvantages; large sized data was sent to the printer, some text blurring occurred on the printed page. Printing in HTML goes by means of a browser, and the fonts are printed in a vector format. A new function is enabled to get rid of these disadvantages.
The functions for converting numbers, currency, date, and time to word strings are now available in the new version and can convert numeric values to words in the several languages. Support for the following languages is available: English, French, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Thai, and others.
The utility Report Checker produces detailed reports in three languages: English, German and Russian. This makes German and Russian speaking users receive error messages and possible solutions in their native languages.

Pricing and licensing
Reporting tools are available in two versions: with or without source code. The types of licenses are divided into three, depending on the number of company developers: single, team and site. An important and very distinctive feature is that additional fees are not required when using the software as a part of the application. The initial price for the software starts at $499,95.

New Year Offer
Stimulsoft Company is pleased to announce the start of the discounts season with special attractive offers, which are very difficult to refuse. Gifts from Stimulsoft are available for both new and registered users.

About the company
Stimulsoft Company is a leading supplier of components to build reports for various platforms. Based on the richest experience in the development and designing components, Stimulsoft helps clients create rich applications of unprecedented complexity. The company's products help thousands of developers for small and big companies around the world provide their customers with reliable applications.

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