(Stimulsoft) April 4, 2012. Stimulsoft Company, a leading manufacturer of software for data processing and analysis announces the release of version 2012.1 of the Stimulsoft Reports product line. This line includes the following reporting tools Stimulsoft Reports.Net, Stimulsoft Reports.Web, Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC, Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight, and Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf. Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate unites those five products in one package.

"Everything new is old again. The man who said this phrase first obviously never worked with Stimulsoft - says Anton Lozovsky, a head of the .NET Development department. Each enhancement in our product is always a huge step forward in the development and usability of our reporting tools. If someone thinks that we will soon not know what to do – we will prove again that it's just not so."

New in Version 2012.1
Report Generator supports two new chart types: Range and Stepped Range. These types of graphs can display the range of the diagram between its initial and final values.
In the new product versions, the option to export reports to the format HTML5 is implemented. This extends a big list of options for saving the rendered report (now 28 exports are available). Export to HTML5 is available from all the report viewers.

The utility Report Comparer is designed for comparing two different reports. It is possible to see which components, data sources, business objects, or variables are in one report and not present in the other. The new utility compares the properties of the report components and offers some options to make the reports' appearance closer to each other.

In the software products Reports.Silverlight and Reports.Ultimate, the assemblies compiled for Silverlight 5 are delivered. At the same time, support for Silverlight 4 remains. The main objective of supporting Silverlight 5 is a number of unique features that are not available in Silverlight 4, in particular, vector printing.
The WebViewer component has an interactive sorting function that allows for sorting the report data, both by one and by multiple columns. This enhancement adds much dynamism to the reports and makes them more convenient to work with.
Now, the report generator for Silverlight supports basic HTML tags. They can be used if you set the AllowHtmlTags property of a text component to true. Previously, this feature was not available in the Silverlight version.

About Stimulsoft
The company develops tools for generating reports. Software products are available for different platforms: .NET Framework, Rich Internet Application, Internet applications, Java, PHP etc. The list of products provided enables users to fully resolve all the issues arising with reports. Unique support for multiple platforms offers customers a unique cross-platform tool for integrating reporting into software systems. With the support of a large number of technologies in a single environment to generate reports, our customers can create better applications at the intersection of different technologies.

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