We are glad to announce the next official release of Stimulsoft Reports.Fx. During the period of six months we have made a lot changes and enhancements. Among them are new help system, improved exporting abilities, new charts. There are great many other significant changes not mentioned in the list. Please read below the detailed description of changes.

New Help System
In order to simplify work with our products and speed up learning it, we decided to integrate the help system. Each dialog box of the report designer or report viewer now includes the button Help. This button is implemented as a system one. If you click this button, it will call the help system. The system provides detailed information of the dialog and its functions, from which it was called. The help system is based on the documentation of our products. For its successful integration we have significantly reworked it. A lot of changes and enhancements were made.

New Help System

Support for Hierarchical Band
The Hierarchical Band component is fully supported in Stimulsoft Reports.Fx. Using this component, you can print a hierarchically-organized data. The component does not impose any restrictions on the number of levels of nested data in a hierarchical report.

Support for Hierarchical Band

Exports Simplification
When the rendered report is exported into an export format in the viewer, you can change various settings in the Export Settings window. Parameters are common to all types of exports, and there are specific ones for every export. Our designers reworked most forms of export settings. The main goal was to make them simpler and more understandable.

In addition to redesigning the interface, all controls in the forms received tooltips with a summary of the export option. In addition, all forms of exports are related to the new help system of our reporting tool. The help system can be activated using the button Help.

New Charts
We have added a new type of the Chart component - Funnel Weighted Slices. This type of chart extends the Funnel chart, displaying the data in a different form. Unlike Funnel chart that displays data in the form of blocks of the same height, the Funnel Weighted Slices diagram shows blocks different by height, depending on the data provided. The Funnel chart is used to analyze the levels of sales of the company.

New Charts

Importing Tool Improvements
In our products we have updated versions of the utilities to import reports from other formats. Significant updates have been made in the import utilities XtraReports, SharpShooter, and Microsoft Report Definition Language. The source code of all these tools can be downloaded from the section Downloads of our website.

Charts Improvements
Several new properties have been added to the Chart component. A brief description of the new features:
- The Width and WordWrap properties for titles of the chart series.
- The ShowInPercent property of chart titles of the FullStacked Series.
- The Format property for the chart table. The property is used to format the data that are displayed in the table.
- The DataTimeStep.Interpolation property for the chart axes. The property controls the method of interpolation for showing values on the axis.

Also, the properties TopN and AutoSeries can work together. If the TopN property is enabled and AutoSeries is used in the report, then TopN will be applied to each auto series separately.

HTML5 Designer for Java
The HTML5 report designer is available now for using in Java. With the use of this unique component, you can edit reports directly in the browser without installing additional modules.

Support for PHP 5.5
Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for PHP is successfully adapted and tested on PHP5.5.