Our product Stimulsoft Reports.Net is becoming more and more poweful. In our new release we add new properties, realize new functionality, and, on the whole, make some steps in the product development to simplify work of our customers and, simultaneously, increase capabilty of a report generator.

Please, read about some significant changes realized in this version:

  • Add: The following hotkeys are added in to the Designer: Control + B bold font, Control + I italic font, Control + U underlined font, Control + L align left, Control + E align center, Control + R align right, Control + J align width, Control + '-' decrease font size, Control + '+' increase font size.
  • Upd: Improved the filter.
  • Upd: Improved the selected focus move with use of arrow keys.
  • Upd: Improved the text search in the window of preview. The Match Case and Match Whole Word options of search are added.
  • Upd: Small improvements.
  • Fix: Incorrect work of groups with KeepGroupTogether flag.
  • Fix: Incorrect report rendering with use of cloning is fixed.
  • Fix: Incorrect work of the Shift function is fixed.
  • Fix: Incorrect output of a component in the Properties docking window when running the Designer.
  • Fix: Small bugs.